7th Oct 2016

Coul Golf Course attracts conservation group concerns

Scotland has some of the most stunning countryside and beaches within the UK, with wonderful golf courses to boot. For three golf course designers, this abundant landscape has inspired them to want to add another. However, there are four conservation charities campaigning against the proposed new course.

The RSPB Scotland, Buglife, Plantlife and the Scottish Wildlife Trust are all opposing the new golf course at Coul Links because of the location. Loch Fleet has beautiful sand dunes and accommodates protected species within its habitat, including the Fonseca seed-fly, which only lives here and nowhere else in the UK, amongst other unusual wildlife and plant species.

The chief executive of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, who has lived near the site, explains how people who have never visited this part of the world won’t be able to understand just how important this area is. Many feel it’s an exceptional stretch of unspoilt coastline with it’s own natural beauty.

The director of RSPB Scotland, Stuart Housden, explains how a large part of the golf course will fall within the Loch Fleet Site of Special Scientific Interest, the Loch Fleet and Dornoch Firth Special Protection Area. He is shocked that this area has even been considered for a golf course.

According to conservationists, the proposal of a golf course would destroy all that is unspoilt, serene and beautiful in the area. The architects proposing the course are: Bill Coore, Todd Warnock and Mike Keiser, and there have been public consultations on the proposed course. They would like to build a fully functioning eighteen hole golf course with hopes of hosting big tournaments too.

Of course the upside to this would mean a stunning location for a superb golf course and to bring an abundance of wealth to the local economy. It certainly is a tricky situation; let’s hope a compromise can be put in place to benefit both parties.